Kanchanaburi encompasses many stunning natural sites including clattering waterfalls, hidden caves and rare birds in the middle of the lush vegetation of impressive national parks such as the famous Erawan – and Sai Yok National Park. The artery of the region is the river Kwai, nourishing the area with a continues fresh water flow.


The most sizable national parks of Kanchanaburi are the Erawan – and Sai Yok National Park of respectively 550 m2 and 500 m2. Hence, the province can be proud for the rich variety of natural sites including high mountain cliffs, green valleys and lush vegetation. The deciduous forest covers the vast majority of the jungle area containing several tree species, dry evergreen – and bamboo forest.

Limestone caves

The hidden limestone caves can be found all around and were once inhabited by Neolithic man. In the caves are impressive stalagmites and stalactites waiting for you to be admired. Some of the caves are inhabited by the so-called Bumblebee bat which is the smallest bat in the world, totally harmless and has the size of a bumblebee read more… A famous cave is the Kaeng Lawa cave on walking distance from the luxurious FloatHouse resort, learn more… about the secrets of the impressive cave.

Waterfalls and hot springs

The nature parks are blessed with most astounding waterfalls. Most impressive is probably the seven-tiered Erawan waterfall which is extremely popular. Get prepared for a hike through the jungle accompanied by monkeys, your reward of a refreshing water pool is welcoming you on the top. Other smoothing falls are amongst others the Sai Yok Yai and Sai Yok Noi waterfall, ideal venues for a relaxing picnic or sportive canoe ride. Besides the numerous waterfalls national parks hold hot spring pools so think about your bathing suit before leaving off to one of the natural pools.

Wild Animals

Besides the bumblebee bat there are many other fascinating animals settled in the forest. If you are lucky you might face a gibbon (monkey), flying squirrel, deer, serow (looks like a goat/antelope), eagle, loris, king cobra or python. Moreover the rare queen crab has been recently discovered in the area. It is just a brief selection of the wildlife in the region. Birds are another popularity, take your binocular with you and spot rare birds.

Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher – a colorful bird at the Hellfire Pass
The Lawa Cave with impressive limestone formations