Kanchanaburi offers a lot of special events and festivals. Especially (water)sports and the history of the area are common themes for events and festivals. Here a selection of six interesting events mostly around April and November. For more information about the Thailand´s national celebration days visit another blog post here: read more…

April 13 – 17: Songkran Festival

The Songkran festival is a big happening in Thailand, right now every Thai is already looking forward to splash each other with water to celebrate the Thai new year. Whole street fighting’s can arise where everyone gets on the street with water pistols. So prepare to get wet!

April 25th: ANZAC Remembrance day

Many Prisoners Of War and other co-workers suffered during the WOII when constructing the Death Railway between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) day is an official national day in Australia and New Zealand in order to commemorate every victim of war including the ones who suffered and died in Kanchanaburi. The special ceremony in Kanchanaburi is open to any nationality, starting early in the morning at the Hellfire Pass in the gleam of torches to symbolize the POWs who used it too when they had to work from the early morning till late in the evening read more…

September/October: Long-tail Boat Racing

Traditional long-tailed boats are racing to the Wat Ban Tham Temple for over 50 years. The old tradition started a long time ago, when people offered beautiful gifts to Monks at temples on the riverside, consequently boat races were being held in which the winner would receive the gifts. Nowadays the race is successfully organized by the locals, many people participate in the race with big boats, up to 55 oarsman on days when the river is at its highest.

November 24th: The Loy Krathong Festival

During the first full moon, people will come to the river Kwai to set banana leaves or other home-made boats into the water with candles and flowers to thank Buddha for the rainy season. The festival is celebrated in the whole country. It’s beautiful to see the lanterns floating on the river and even better when you can put one in the water yourself.

End November – Begin December: River Kwai Bridge week

This theme week is commemorating the losses and sacrifices of the men who built the Death railway, who managed to cut a way through the ‘Hellfire Pass’ and constructed the Bridge over the River Kwai in miserable working conditions. Although the theme is sad, the festivities are great with as highlight the sound and light show where the story of the area is being displayed in an original way. Besides historical and cultural performances there are exhibitions and markets providing you with more insights and delicious Thai foods.

The Long-tail boat race over the River Kwai, look how fast they are rowing!