Explore the Kanchanaburi’s largest and most famous cave located in Saiyok National Park. It has not been fully explored yet due to its gigantic size under the earth. The cave is beautifully designed by nature with stalactites and stalagmites in many unique formations. The Lawa Cave consists of chambers inside. Each chamber has its own stunning are stalactites and sta-lagmites formations.
Also you will witness khunKitti bat, the world’s smallest bat, living in the cave. River KwaiResotel is just located by this re-markable cave.


Visit original Mon Village to witness the way of living of Mon people. Mon is an ethnic minority whose origin is in Myanmar, Here they live peacefully and their tradition has been continually practiced. Mon temple is reserved for religious or spiritual activities of Mon people. The temple structure is grand and unique.
The village and temple are situated at our sister hotel in Kanchanaburi, River Kwai Jungle Rafts –floating hotel / accommoda-tion. You will be transferred by a long tailed boat to this floating hotel for the visit. The village and temple are on the shore. You will need to do an easy short walk.

Bamboo Rafting

If you want to experience something more local, bamboo rafting could be your perfect choice. Our raft is made by Mon people with local materials. Rafting was a way local people living along the river use to. When you take the bamboo rafting, we designate a person to steer the raft for you. You can just sit back and enjoy the wonderful nature.
The rafting takes approximately 45 mins.

Price: 2,600 baht per raft (maximum 5 persons)



When night falls, the live orchestra of authentic Mon People Dance will begin. It is a very rare performance that hardly find elsewhere today.
The dance is truly legacy from generation to generation. This daily show takes approximately 45 minutes per show.

Price: THB 300 per person (rountrip boat transfers + mon dance show)


The raft is totally hand-made and in real life, some local people do travel by raft instead of boat. Now it is your chance to ex-perience it the way the locals do. It is a relaxing rafting with 2 of our staffs doing the paddling to you. You will just sit back and enjoy the greenery and remarkable scenery. The rafting departs from River Kwai Jungle Rafts, our sister hotel, located just 5 mins away by boat.The rafting will take approximately 45 minutes. One raft can accommodate max. 5 adults

Price: THB 2,600 Baht per raft Include boat trip to River Kwai Jungle Rafts for departure & our local staff to do the rafting


Canoeing downstream on the historical river, River KwaiNoi, and enjoy lush tropical forest on both sides.
From River Kwai Jungle Rafts, our sister resort, down to River Kwai RESOTEL, it will take approximately 40 minutes.

Price: THB 1,200 Baht per canoe (2 persons / canoe)
(incl. boat trip returning to Home Phutoey River Kwai)


Explore the Kanchanaburi’s largest and most famous cave.The cave is beautifully designed by nature withstalactites and stalagmites in many unique formations.Also you will witness khunKitti bat, the world’s smallest bat, living in the cave.


From Home Phutoey River Kwai to Phutakien Pier (Resotel pier)

Price: THB 6,500 per raft Maximum 50 persons


Enjoy incredible views while mastering the different stations up in the trees at Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort
The full course track offers 40 exciting stations, each posing a unique challenge for the climber. The stations are suitable for all age groups.


Start with the zip lining track through the trees and over the lake and relax afterward with complimentary snacks and refresh-ments for a nice cool down after the amazing adventure.
The package also includes a ride on the pedal boats, lake kayaking, a bath in the Geothermal Hotspring pool and a visit to the WW II Museum.

Price: THB 1,700 per person Include snacks and refreshments


Enjoy a breath-taking ride on a long-tailed boat, Thai watercraft native, along the historical river of River KwaiNoi and stunning natural surroundings.
Though you have a couple of boat rides when you first get in and you leave, taking a trip on long-tailed boat to a longer dis-tance could be impressive through the abundant green nature on both sides.

Price: THB 1,200 Baht per boat 1 hour maximum 8 persons


Canoeing from River Kwai Jungle Rafts down along River Kwai to River KwaiResotel.
Biking from River KwaiResotel passes beautiful scenery of the mountain and orchards.
Then, take a long-tailed boat return to River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

Price: THB 1,600 per person Include boat trip & local staff

Terms & Conditions

  • Daily departure from Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort
  • Rates are quoted in Thai Baht
  • Rates are per PERSON
  • Rates are inclusive of 7% prevailing government tax.
  • No service charge applied
  • Advance reservation is required
  • No children rate. Normal rate applied for above tours


hellfire pass


This is a part of the Death Railway constructed during the Second World War using POW labor to cut through the mountain. Along a 4-kilometer walking trail made by the Allied prisoners, today visitors can envision the difficulties faced in constructing the Death Railway using simple tools. Take a closer look at this historical Hellfire Pass, walk along remaining railroad tracks and even walk into the cutting!



Learn a history of Hellfire Pass with the modern setting museum with knowledgeable information regarding WW II and the origin of Hellfire Pass. The admission is free.
The Hellfire Pass (Konyu) cutting is an example of the type of excavations of the at, km Burma-Thailand railway constructed in 1942-1943 by American, Australian, British and Dutch Prisoners of War and conscripted nationals from Burma, Malaya and Thailand. From Nang Pladuk the railway traversed the flat plain to Kanchanaburi where it crossed the Mae Khlaung river, then followed the course of the KwaeNoi river through Namtok (present terminus of the operative section), and Saiyok National Park, passing through three Pagoda Pass and over the foothills, and coastal plains of Burma to its junction with the existing Moulamein to Ye railway line at Thanbyuzayat. The railway was functional from October 1943 to June 1945 with occasional interruptions caused by bomb damage. Hellfire Pass and the adjacent cuttings were excavated by POW labour working In round-the-clock shifts over a desperate period of 12 weeks in 1943. The name Hellfire Pass relates to the awesome scene presented at night by the light from torches and lamps in the cutting. This work was done without the aid of reliable mechanical equipment. The most primitive of hand tools were used to drill holes for the explosives used In blasting the rock and for removing the waste rock.

Opening hours : 09.00 AM – 04.00 PM



There are several great waterfalls worth paying visits in Kanchanaburi including Erawan waterfall, Saiyok Waterfalls, SaiyokNoi Waterfalls and so forth. The waterfalls are famed in their crystal clear water and amazing waterfall cascades.

* Special price 1/2 day Boat trip : 4,400 THB per 2 persons include SaiyokYai Waterfall and Lawa Cave with Lunch and Local Guide.